Reading Under the Pendulum Sun Again (FULL SPOILERS)

A while back, I read Jeannette Ng’s delightful Under the Pendulum Sun and live-tweeted the experience. That thread is here, if you’re curious about reading the book. (I encoded spoilers in ROT47, but you should stop reading my Twitter thread as soon as you decide you want to read the book). What I’m doing now is a little bit different. Here, I’m going to post updates about the book as I reread it for the first time, but I will spoil things basically whenever I feel like it, and I won’t encode them.

I’ve never used this Substack thread feature before, and so I’m unsure how it works. If this turns out to send you guys a bunch of emails every time I make a post, please, PLEASE tell me, and I’ll figure out a different solution.

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